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Self Obsession: Why Should You Avoid It?

Sure, you look good. However, let’s draw a line between feeling confident about yourself and thinking that nobody is as good as you.

A self-obsessed person cannot ever see beyond him or herself – and this results in self-destruction. The psychology of success tells that you need to avoid it, and here is why.
How Does Self-obsession Lead to Unhappiness?
Self-obsession leads to sorrow and unhappiness in the following ways:
You Alienate Yourself From People
You are so self-absorbed that you start feeling no requirement of being with other people. People who love you wish to spend time with you but so self-obsessed you are that you fail to realize this and do not give them your time. Eventually, all your people leave you, and you exist as a lonely and self-obsessed person.
You Find Faults Only in Others
You are so blindfolded by your self-obsession that for everything that goes wrong you find faults only in other people and do not even give a minute to think about where you might have gone wrong. You baselessly blame people and belittle them. Irrespective of how dear you are to the other person or how close he/she is to you, you never fail to point fingers at them. This attitude of yours certainly does not leave you happy in the end.
You Become Highly Selfish
Selfishness has always caused great losses, and self-obsession is the base for it. You become selfish and fail to recognize the worth of anyone else around you. All that you can think about is your gain and your pain, nothing beyond that. It is like the life of others ceases to exist for you and this is not a good sign at all for a happy you.

If you are worried about the psychology of success, just read the right blogs and books, and know how you could lead a successful life.

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