Understanding How Success Works

Why Do You Need to Look for Personal Development?

Behaviour doesn’t just help you in your self-developmentbut also do more with your work and life.

Understanding the psychology of success

Let’s say, for instance, you’re going to speak to an audience. Without the right public speaking skills. you will flounder. You wouldn’t be able to speak in front of everyone if you aren’t confident about yourself – which you could get only after focusing on self-development.
This, as we shall see below, can happen only when you focus on improving your behaviour.

Example: Situations Tell You How Confident You Are

Think about it this way. You’re working on a project with another partner. You didn’t do so well in your last project and you just aren’t feeling as confident as before.

One of the side-effects is you become over critical and unnecessarily hard on every step you take. This eventually spills over to your partner. When that happens, you’d find that because of all the negativity, your partner is not able to work to his optimal productivity. This cascades into other situations if you keep at it all time.

Refusal to let go of something, let’s say, a past failure, would make your sadder and probably depressed. Depression can lead to anger, mostly unnecessary anger.
– Being angry on yourself can be healthy.
– Being angry at yourself all the time is unhealthy.

And by the way, this is only one of many reasons that can cause low self-confidence. How do we rectify this?

The first step towards realizing what can be corrected in this situation is to take an analytical approach of any failure you’ve had. Think of the whole process you undertook to go through a task. Check all the steps, every single piece of equipment, every single action that you took. Check into the successful parts and the unsuccessful parts of that process.

Look into what in that process can be changed.

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